Joyful Activities, Manchester, UK

The definitive 'what's on' guide for UK home education

Why joyful? Why not educational?

'Joyful' is what we believe learning can, and ideally should, be. The beauty of home education is that learning doesn't need to be isolated and categorised under a separate life experience called 'education'. Children are always learning; when allowed to follow their own curiosity and interests, they're like sponges, absorbing everything around them.

Be assured, however, that 'joyful' does not equate to 'easy'. Children need to rise to challenges and experience the joy of achievement gained through effort.

At Joyful Activities, we want to promote learning experiences and opportunities that home educated kids will be excited, challenged and inspired by - and yes, even *gasp* enjoy.

Our website will soon follow. In the meantime, to find out more, or to promote your own 'joyful' home education event, activity or service, do get in touch.

Joyful Activities